Campus Ministry

Spiritual development is fostered in multiple ways at Central Catholic.  In the classroom, students begin their freshman year with the study of Catholic Faith.  This course also helps provide non-Catholics with a basic understanding of the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Faith. 

In our four-year Theology curriculum, students will go on to study the Old and New Testaments, the Catholic Faith through history, the principals of Social Justice, and Morality.  Seniors study the living of the Catholic Faith in the modern world, where students examine issues and questions they face as they leave school and enter the adult world.  In addition, the senior Theology elective courses include the Senior Service program, an examination of religious themes in literature and films, and the exploration of relationships, marriage and family life in the Christian context.

The school is operated under the principles of the Catholic Faith, but the beliefs of other faiths are respected and recognized.  Students on any faith are welcomed at Central Catholic. 

In addition, the following contribute to the spiritual development of students as a community:

  • Each day begins with an all-school prayer led by students over the PA.
  • We gather as a school community at least once a month to celebrate the Eucharist at St. Joan of Arc Church.
  • Our school chapel is open throughout the day for private prayer and reflection.  Masses are offered before school in the chapel.
  • Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors each celebrate a Day of Recollection during the year.
  • Our Senior Retreat program offers students a 3-day, 2-night retreat experience.
  • School-wide prayers are offered when losses are experienced in our school community.
  • God is present in every classroom and Gospel teachings permeate every aspect of the school.

Outside of the classroom, students are involved in service projects through Crusaders for the Community.  Crusaders for the Community is our coordinating organization for providing service opportunities for our students, including programs such as Catholic Charites, Community Christmas Adopt-a-Family and various food drives. 

Please contact PJ Chavez, Campus Minister, at 330-478-2131 or for more information about any of these programs or the theology curriculum.

Please contact Stephanie Cooper, CCHS Service Coordinator, at 330-478-2131 or for more information about Crusaders for the Community.