Financial Aid


Central Catholic works to keep tuition as low as possible, while still providing access to a full academic, athletic, spiritual, and extra-curricular program to all students without additional fees, other than those noted below.

Tuition for the 2017-18 school year is $8250 for parishioners and $8750 for non-parishioners.  The actual $12,470 cost of a student’s education is subsidized through parish subsidies, Parents’ Guild events, and other special events.

There is a $100 discount for paying the year’s tuition in full by August 1. The third concurrently enrolled student in a family receives a 50% discount. There are four payment plan options. 

The only additional fees for Seniors are a $105 fee to help cover the cost of Senior Retreats, and a $110 graduation fee. The only additional fee for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors is a $10 fee to help cover the cost of underclassmen retreats.

There is an additional charge for parking permits and a $10 fee for consumables in art classes.



Financial Assistance

Central Catholic High School offers a Tuition Assistance Program to assist qualifying families with their tuition.

In January, families may request Tuition Assistance materials with the Request Form which will be mailed to all parents of 8th grade students enrolled in Central Catholic feeder schools. The Tuition Assistance Office will also mail the Request Form to anyone requesting it.



Families may apply for one or more of the following on an annual basis:

Tuition Grants

Partial tuition assistance in the Grant Program is based on the financial need of each family. The annual Alumni Crusader Challenge Drive funds the Tuition Grant Program. All grants are confidential.

Memorial and Honorary Grants

Over sixty-five Memorial and Honorary Grants will be provided for the 2017-18 school year. These grants are based on the following criteria: financial need, evidence of academic progress, Christian example, service to others, and interest and involvement in school and/or community, including the parish. All students applying for tuition assistance will be eligible for these grants.

Youngstown Diocesan Grant

In memory of Mary Ellen Cushwa Wolsonovich

This grant is provided by the Diocese (not CCHS) and is based on the family’s financial need determined by SmartAid tuition assistance. The application for this grant is enclosed in the Financial Aid packet that may be picked up at CCHS.


Student Work Program

Students may earn tuition credit for part-time work on the summer work crews (available to incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors). The Student Work Program begins in June 2017 and requires application to be made by March 18, 2017.

Parent Work Program

Parents may earn tuition credit toward their student’s tuition. Maintenance work is credited at an hourly rate, as is work in the school cafeteria or other areas. Most maintenance work is scheduled after school hours and in the evenings, while daytime openings are available in the cafeteria and kitchen. The school does not carry over work credit beyond the amount covering the tuition for the current school year.

RJS Foundation

RJS Foundation (RJScanhelp) believes it is important for students to have the opportunity to continue their catholic education at Central Catholic High School. Central offers students excellent academics, and a safe and disciplined environment that helps build the leaders of tomorrow.

Scholarship are awarded based on need, desire to continue your Catholic education and your future goals. RJS awards scholarships from $1,000 to $5,000.

To qualify for assistance, please click here to complete the application.(Applications that are not completed in full will not be eligible). A representative from RJS Foundation will contact John Paul at Central Catholic to let him know if you qualify. All scholarships will be awarded in May.

CCHS Band Scholarships

Band members may apply for Band Scholarships worth up to $500 per year by participating in Marching and Concert Bands.

It is not necessary to file with SmartAid.

Interested families should contact the Band Director for more details.

Further details about payment plans are available by contacting John Paul, Treasurer, at (330) 478-2131, ext. 103 or

Financial Aid Forms